ENDEAVOUR - Our Biggest Hot Tub
The Endeavour hot tub by Sunrise Spas is the largest model we offer. 7 bathers can comfortably enjoy the bench and bucket seats. An impressive 61 hydrotherapy jet system including calf and foot jets are powered by two large dual speed pumps. If your looking for an amazing hot tub that can fit your large family, then the Endeavour has it all. Contact us today for more information and pricing.

Endeavour - Sunrise Spas


  • Seating: 7 Adults
  • Dimensions: 90″x 94″x 36″
  • Water Volume: 463 Gallons/1,753 Litres
  • Hydrotherapy Jets: 61
  • Lounger: No
  • Jet Pumps: 2
  • Dry Weight: 902 lbs
  • Filled Weight: 5,532 lbs
  • Multi Coloured LED Light: Yes
  • Perimeter LED Lighting: Yes
  • LED Illuminated Waterfall: Yes
  • Circulation Pump: Optional
  • Structure: Steel Frame w/Capped Bottom
  • Bluetooth MP3 Audio: Optional
  • Factory Installed Ozone: Optional
  • UV Water Sanitizer: Optional
  • BWA Wi-Fi Module: Optional

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Sunrise Spas are expertly crafted to maximize your experience and minimize the need for maintaining your new Hot Tub. Built with materials that will last a lifetime, the Sunrise Spa line up are designed with a variety of jets and controls for excellent hydrotherapy, coloured LED lighting, and proprietary insulation and filtration system designed to reduce operating costs.