Inground Pool Options
There are many Inground Pool Options that will help spice up your swimming pool and give it that more custom look and feel. Whether it be lights, water features, upgrade to energy efficient pool equipment, you can rest assured knowing only quality products will go into you new swimming pool. We have included some of our most popular Inground pool options below and will explain why they each are so popular!

White or Colour Changing Pool Lights are an excellent upgrade for any Inground Pool. Pool lights are not only great for swimming at night, they also provide the ability to showcase your pool with style while entertaining friends & family.

A Cartridge Pool Filter is great for people living in areas where you pay for water. These filters eliminate the need to backwash 2500 gallons of water per season like the older Sand Filter systems. Cartridge Elements (paper filters used to catch the dirt/debris) generally last 3-5 years depending on filter usage.

A Digital display, Electronic Ignition pool heater is great for getting accurate pool temperatures in your swimming pool. These models tend to also be more energy efficient that the standard millivolt heaters. 

Swimming Pool Safety Covers are designed like a trampoline and help prevent people and animals from entering your pool accidentally. The covers usually last 12-15 years and keep leaves/debris out of your pool.

A Pool Slide is a great option for  families looking to add a thrill to their backyard getaway. These  slides are made from all resin components and are built to last.  There are many different models/style to choose from.