Planning Your Installation
Planning Your Pool Winnipeg

You may think Planning Your Installation for a new swimming pool in Winnipeg will end up being a huge task. We have made an easy to follow check list that will guide your decision making path. This check list is generally questions a pool builder may ask you during the initial stages of planning your pool project.

1. Use a tape measure and calculate the exact length and width of the area you would like your new pool to occupy.

2. Measure the distance for entry into your backyard. This will make a difference in pricing, you may also have to ask permission to use part of your neighbours property for entrance.

3. Call the Utility companies and make sure no gas/electrical lines run in the area where you will be placing your new pool. Manitoba Hydro’s CALL BEFORE YOU DIG phone number toll free is 1-888-624-9376

4. Search the web and find some ideas for options, shape, and design style that you feel will suit your yard and family’s needs.

5. Decide on  a budget you would like your project to stay within. You can view our COST OF POOLS page which will give you some idea to what each pool style will cost. Other things to consider are landscaping around the pool after the construction is complete.

6. Research a few companies in Winnipeg before setting up a meeting. If your friends have pools see who they built with and inquire what kind of experience they had with the company they chose.

7. Fill out a Request A Quote Form from our website to get a accurate quote for the pool of your dreams.

We hope this information will serve you well and help making that decision with purchasing a swimming pool that much easier!