Happy Customers

We had Samson Pools install our pool 3 years ago, and from the initial consultations with Jon, to our current dealings with them for opening and closing we are very impressed. Nowadays it is hard to find good trades for most things and we are very lucky to have had Blair, Jon, and their crew as our most excellent “pool guys”.

They performed the job and followed up as if it was their very own pool, are always available to address any issues, and answer the many questions from us, “pool rookies”. Thanks Blair and Jon for taking such good care of us and we look forward to another season dealing with Samson Pools.


Bryan & Linda
“Blair, Jon and team provide excellent customer service, deal with matters in a very timely matter and exemplify a professional attitude when on-site, this is the reason we continue to deal with them for the last 7 years, great job you guys”.
Best regards and keep up the great work!
Julie & Danny
I want to thank Samson Pool owners and staff for the way in which they made the huge undertaking of installing a large pool a good experience for us.   Your expertise in the field is second to none and the service you provide is beyond excellent!
Thank you Blair and Johnny for taking good care of us!  We highly recommend Samson Pools!
Murray & Paulette

Blair/Jonathan, being physically disabled afforded me the opportunity of watching and learning exactly what it takes to install an in-ground pool.  WOW !!

From the beginning, I received a detailed quote and explanation of the quote from Blair and Jonathan personally.  There was no heavy duty sales pitch, just honesty in the product both my son and I were interested in.  Weeks past as everyone waited for the frost to come out of the ground and Samson’s schedule to begin.
I personally was eager as time spent in the water is less pain I endure (due to my limited movement).  From the onset of the dig to erecting the walls of the pool and then of course the wheel barrels of concrete, gravel and sand were systematically poured.  At last the day the liner would get installed and YES soon followed by water and the realization, that the end was near and swimming could soon begin.  Final details were in sight and even the repair of the fence that was taken down for the equipment to enter the yard was handled with care and the same passion shown to putting in the pool.  Wrappings, cardboard, pieces of wood, etc. were cleaned up and the yard was now home to a pool.  Some small amount of attention to the excavation site, with regard to repairs to the surrounding grass will be done and the resort at home will be complete.
To the Samson Staff (you really do get to know them all on a first name basis) – although the wheel barrels were  heavy, there were  still smiles on their faces.  They were all courteous and professional.
Would I do it again?  YOU BET – and would it be Samson’s that I hire again?  ABSOLUTELY   Our thanks to all.  GREAT JOB ! ! !
Bev & Guy

It was are family’s first pool ever. And Samson Pools were awesome. They walked us threw each step and answered every question we had. There crew and staff did a fast and clean job. I would recommend them to who ever is looking to get a pool done. These are the guys. And the owners were wonderful as well.


Jerry G

The service we have received from Samson Pools has been outstanding.  Our pool was installed three years ago and every time I have had a question regarding maintenance or the controls, Blair has returned my text, morning , noon or night, weekends or holidays.  We are very pleased.


Rick & Lynne

From our first meeting with Blair and Jon until the start up of our pool, we were very impressed with service given by Samson Pools. We especially appreciated that both Blair and Jon were present throughout the entire process.  Any concerns or questions we had were addressed immediately.  Our pool was delivered on time and it turned out fantastic!


Tina & Luc

You were easy to work with and were able to answer all the questions I had. When it came time to install my pool you actually were able to start work before you had initially quoted. The work was thorough and the end result is fantastic. My neighbour was home when the installation was taking place and she commented on how hard the whole crew worked all day long!

Carla & Curtis

In 2012 my wife and I decided we were going to put an in-ground pool in the back yard.  We started to do our homework, and contacted several of the large and well-known Winnipeg based pool companies.  The day that Blair and Jon from Samson Pools walked-in, we knew our search was over.  We sized them up as two honest, hardworking young men who would give us superior customer service and best value for our money.  We were not disappointed.


John & Ginny

Blair and Jon,
My wife Kathy and I have been very pleased with our decision to work with Samson Pools.
Once construction started, and granted we had weather on our side, we were swimming by the promised date. The crew and workmanship were very professional. I have already recommended Samson Pools to other people.
Keep up the good work.

Craig & Kathy