Family Owned & Operated
Jonathan Kreviazuk & Blair Irwin started Samson Pools Corporation in 2007 just one year after Jonathan’s Dad, Sam Kreviazuk, (one of the founding partners of Krevco Pools & Spas) sold the family business. Jonathan and Blair worked with Sam starting in their early teens learning every single aspect of the family business, but taking a major interest in swimming pool construction & renovation. The duo has been working together for a combined total of over 25 years and with hands on experience have learned a lot through their mentor. Sam continues to be a integral part of The Samson Pools Team by offering consulting and access to his huge knowledge base on anything swimming pools.


Jonathan Kreviazuk & Blair Irwin
Jonathan & Blair are no strangers to the Manitoba Pool Industry. The two best friends began working along side Sam in the construction end of Krevco Pools & Spas during school summer vacation. What began as a summer job turned into a lifelong passion. In 2007 the pair decided to start their own journey with the creation of Samson Pools. With over 25 years of combined experience, the duo has a vast knowledge and experience in swimming pool sales, inground/aboveground pool construction, pool liner replacements, pool/hot tub service, and retail sales. Samson Pools continues to be one the the leading pool companies in Manitoba thanks to the many referrals from their existing customers.


Sam Kreviazuk
Sam has been in the pool business in Manitoba for over 45 years making him the single most experienced pool builder in the entire province. In his career Sam has built well over 5,000 swimming pools and if you have a pool in your backyard he has most likely built or renovated it in the past.  Sam started working on swimming pools in the late 60’s and has a vast knowledge of construction, renovation, and maintenance for swimming pools. He has been considered a pioneer to many of the pool building techniques used in Manitoba today!


Daniel Kutryk
Daniel has been with Samson Pools for over 6 years and has quickly gained alot of knowledge and experience. Daniel started off as a summer labourer but now serves as the companies Construction Supervisor.