Above Ground Pools Winnipeg
Winnipeg Above Ground Pools quickly transform your backyard into an outdoor getaway.  They can be placed at the back of the yard, off from the house or your above ground pool can be built right into your deck where you host barbecue’s and other outdoor gatherings.  We find many homeowners love this option as it provides a seamless surface very similar to an inground pool.  This way you can set up all your patio furniture pool side, giving you a view of the open water while you lap up our awesome Winnipeg summers.

Above ground pool kits provide all the parts and instruction you need to set up the perfect backyard oasis to enjoy time in the sun with your family.  Homeowners can have them set up and ready for swimming in the matter of a weekend.  Just think…no pool Friday and by Sunday you’ve set up your above ground pool kit and are happily swimming and soaking in the sun. We also provide installation of our above ground pool kits in Winnipeg.  Within a day, our professional pool installers will have your above ground pool up and ready to fill.

Whether you install or we install your above ground pool, our experts will provide you a full understanding of everything you’ll need to know to ensure the optimum maintenance of your pool.  Plus, you can also purchase any chemicals, heaters, pumps or cleaning equipment you will need directly from us.  We can match you with the best products to ensure you have everything you need to preserve and enjoy your above ground pool in Winnipeg for many many years.  We offer only the best above ground pool kits in Winnipeg able to handle all our extreme changes in weather.

Below you’ll find a variety of the above ground pool models we offer, and a link you can click to learn the price of above ground pool kits we offer.

Round Aboveground Pool
Oval Aboveground Pool
Vogue Discovery Resin Pool
The  Vogue Discovery is a sturdy pool with 100% corrosion-proof resin structure. This is a great choice for the Winnipeg above ground pool market as it is one of the strongest available which will help handle the harsh winters.  Some highlights of the Vogue Discovery Above Ground Pool are:

  • Made In Canada
  • Blow moulded resin construction
  • Easy set up for Consumers
  • Full pattern liner
  • Yard Extender System for oval pools (Landscape up to pool edge)
Pool Kit & Pricing
Our  Aboveground Pool Kits come standard with the following options:

  • Sand Filter & Sand Media
  • Pool Pump
  • Resin Deck Ladder
  • Full Pattern Beaded Pool Liner
  • Wide Mouth Skimmer & Return Jet
  • Manual Vacuum Head & Hose
  • 8′-16′ Pool Pole
  • 3 Year Warranty Solar Blanket
  • Maintenance Kit – Thermometer, Leaf Net, Pool Brush, Water Test Kit
  • Pool Kits Starting At ONLY $4,195.00

For more information or pricing for different shapes & sizes of above ground pools please fill out a ABOVE GROUND POOL QUOTE FORM, our staff is ready to serve you.

Above Ground Pool Installation
At Samson Pools we know any pool is an investment for you and your family which is why we offer only the best installation methods and techniques which will help your pool weather the elements and give you years of enjoyment. Some of the highlights that come from a Samson Pools Installation are:

  • Solid Base Footing preventing contact of the pool with saturated ground
  • Aggregate & Sand Base Floor Mixture which provides strong surface under pool liner
  • Pool Equipment Pad & Plumbing with PVC pipe and valves making it easy to maintain your new pool
  • Clean & Neat Job site throughout construction
  • Low Disruption Of Existing Yard (can use wheel barrow for most jobs with level backyard)
  • Installation starting at ONLY $6,200.00 *Pricing varies depending on Pool size*