Another summer has come and gone, and if you haven’t already, it is time to close your pool for the winter. One of the challenges of pool owners face in winter is trying to keep the snow, rain and other unwanted debris out of their pools. The most effective way to preserve your pool’s condition is by protecting it with a pool cover. Samson Pools is here to educate you about four features to look for in a pool cover so when it comes time to purchase one, you make an informed decision.

A Tight Weave

A tight weave limits the amount of sunlight, water, and debris that can get into your pool. The smaller the weave, the better. Why? While a tight weave like a mesh weave may permit water to infiltrate the cover, it will keep larger debris (like leaves) out of your pool.


There are pool covers available that come with overlapping sides that protect the side and deck of your pool. Pricier covers generally tend to offer more overlap. Not only does overlap protect your pool’s deck, but additional material on a cover can make installation and removal easier.


Sometimes, a thicker pool cover can be difficult to handle when installing. On the other hand, thicker pool covers can also provide a denser layer of protection. Lightweight covers are more user friendly but don’t provide as much solid protection. When deciding on what thickness to go with, consider what elements your pool will likely have to face in the winter.


You might not know it, but the colour of your cover can affect how well it protects your pool. A cover with dark undersides can be helpful in restricting light penetration and algae growth compared to a cover with a lighter undertone.

If you have any questions about choosing the right pool cover, visit Samson Pools. Our pool experts can recommend a pool cover that will provide the best protection for your pool this winter. For more details, visit us online at https://samsonpools.ca.