Inground or above ground? It’s a question every homeowner must ask themselves when deciding to purchase a pool. Samson Pools is here to educate you on the pros and cons of each option. When it comes down to it, there is no clear-cut answer of what pool type is better. It is a personal decision that you must base upon your own needs, backyard space and budget.

Ask yourself: Why do I want a pool? What function will it serve, and who will be using it? How much am I willing to spend?

Inground pool


• Can be made into a deep pool, which permits for swimmers to dive

• Is more visually appealing compared to an above ground pool

• Easy to regulate the water temperature

• Less complex to create a landscape design based around the pool

• Able to open pool earlier in the season and close pool later in the season.


• You must commit to the pool, it cannot be simply taken down next summer

• Generally requires more time for maintenance

• Can be more of a safety hazard to small children and pets

• Longer process to get the pool installed

• Typically costs more money

Above ground pool


• Designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, easy to find to fit your backyard dimensions

• Maintenance is simpler and takes less time

• Takes much less time to get the pool installed

• Typically costs less money

• If you decide you do not want a pool after a year, it can be easily torn down.


• Too shallow for diving

• Difficult to regulate pool temperature

• Pool linear may need replacement quicker compared to in-ground

• Is not as visually appealing as an in-ground

After you have decided what factors are important to you, make a decision. Take comfort knowing that Samson Pools creates beautiful backyard paradises with the installation of an inground or above ground pool. Come see the experts at Samson Pools in Winnipeg for any other questions regarding the deciding process.