Installing a Pool In Winnipeg may seem like a project that might take up your entire summer but in reality when choosing a qualified and professional builder it should only take 1-3 weeks. Some things to consider before installing a pool in Winnipeg would be:

  1. Measure your yard length and width: This will allow you to get a better idea on exactly what sized pool will fit in your yard or how much of the yard you want your pool to occupy
  2. Measure the distance between yours and your neighbours house: You will want to measure from any protruding elements (ie. air conditioner, house cantilever etc)
  3. Call Manitoba Hydro and Gas Utilities for a underground locate: This will allow you to see if any underground gas or electrical lines may effect where you install your new pool
  4. Decide on a budget: This can be one of the more important factors when deciding what pool type you will build. For more information on budgets please visit our Cost Of Pools Page

Installing a Pool In Winnipeg is always and exciting project to undertake. At Samson Pools our teams are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and are here to make this project stress free and enjoyable. To receive a Free Pool Quote please Free Pool Quote