Swimming Pools Price can vary a lot when comparing between each major competitor in your area. Some factors you will want to consider when looking for swimming pool pricing is: size of the pool, type of equipment for heating and water circulation (are they energy efficient), type of warranty the products and workmanship carry, references and testimonials from past clients.

Inground Pools in Winnipeg, MB range from $75,000 for something plain without any options, allowing you to cool down on those hot summer days and enjoy the backyard getaway for an entry level price. $90,000 for a pool with options that make your pool experience more enjoyable with family and friends as well as less weekly maintenance on your part, and finally $100,000+ for a pool with a lot options that will allow your pool to maximize your swimming experience and at the same time amaze your friends with some neat luxury items.

Aboveground Pools in Winnipeg, MB range from $7,500 for a simple pool kit the DIY’er could set up themselves to something turn key, $20,000-$45,000 that our team sets up for your family.

At Samson Pools Winnipeg we strive to make every customers experience the best it can be. Our customer service lines are open 24/7 with the owners answering any questions or concerns you may have, even on a long weekend or Sunday night! We build every pool as if we were building it in our backyard, making sure the entire process goes swiftly and stress free on your part. We are a family owned and operated company with the owners working on site with their crews and complete every sales call we get whether it pool products, service work, or swimming pools.

Please visit our website, Samson Pools Winnipeg to view some of the pools we have completed and learn more about Samson Pools, we look forward to meeting you!