The Canadian winter is in full swing with snow, ice, and cold temperatures. However, before you even know it, the warm weather will be knocking on winter’s door. This upcoming summer, make the most out of the warm weather and consider purchasing an in-ground pool from Samson Pools – your Winnipeg pool builder. There are so many different advantages you can achieve from having your own backyard pool. Samson Pools is here to educate you on a couple of our favourite things you can benefit from, with the purchase of an in-ground pool:

Advantage #1: Vacations can be every day

You can have your very own oasis right outside the comfort of your Winnipeg home. Instead of spending tons of money on an elaborate vacation every year, you can enjoy the comfort of home and soak up the sun by the pool all summer long.

Advantage #2Helps you stay active

Purchasing an in-ground pool presents a fabulous opportunity to stay in great shape. Whether you want to swim laps, perform water aerobics, or simply use weights in the water – a pool is a great method of keeping fit. The pool water provides a cushioning effect on your joints and muscles while exercising. It is a great way to protect your body against hard impact exercises (running, lifting weights, etc.) Plus, swimming can improve your overall cardiovascular fitness.

Advantage #3: Outstanding for entertaining guests

When you have company over during the summer, there is no better source of entertainment then an in-ground pool. It turns a boring BBQ into a blast! A backyard pool can instantly create a fun time for guests of all ages. An in-ground pool can make you the party of host of the summer!

Advantage #4: May increase the resale value of your home

If in the future you decide that you want to move to another house, your in-ground pool may be a benefit when it comes time to sell. Since in-ground pools are more expensive than above ground pools, it will increase the value of your home, and is appealing to many homebuyers.

Plus, it makes your backyard look more aesthetically pleasing compared to an above ground pool.

Advantage #5: Keeps kids entertained for hours

Once summer vacation rolls around for the kids, the first week is great – but then boredom starts to kick in. An in-ground pool can keep your kids amused for hours, plus keep them active! Remember, adult supervision is required at all times while young children are anywhere near or in the pool.

Advantage #6Enhance your backyard landscaping

Another benefit an in-ground pool can provide is the fact it is very easy on the eyes. You can also incorporate your in-ground pool into your backyard landscaping plans. You can use a wide range of brick, rock, or tile, to create a breathtaking backyard scene focused around your in-ground pool.

So, are you convinced? Have you fallen in love with the idea of an in-ground pool? Once you have a pool in your backyard you will wonder what you have done without one for so long. If you are interested in learning more about the wonderful advantages an in-ground pool can provide for you this upcoming summer – contact the pool experts at Samson Pools.

We specialize in building in-ground pools in Winnipeg, and have 45 years of family history in the swimming pool industry. Contact us today to get a free estimate, or fill out our online form. Samson Pools has the trained professionals you need to install the in-ground pool of your dreams.